Online training development

Our instructional designers will create the tools you need to deliver flexible and engaging online training resources. We are specialists in designing and building activities that will bring your content to life and maximise learner engagement. 

We create training that is engaging and interactive. Learners should be entertained as well as informed; this improves knowledge retention and encourages further participation.

We create training that suits the learner’s style, demographic and capacity. We understand that learners need to make a connection with content and they have different learning needs. 

We develop customised training solutions that saves money, improves compliance and increases productivity. Work with our consultants to create an effective training program. 

Our experience includes creating accredited training (RTO), employee onboarding training, coaching resources, industry specific employee skills training and testing products, systems and process training and resources, personal development training, customer education packages, compliance training, training for visually impaired, micro learning, mobile device accessible resources, blended learning products and processes, cultural competency and awareness training, training for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, converting face-to-face training resources to online delivery. 

Our process

ConsultationDesign and planningProductionClient review and quality checksHand over/implementation


The first step is a conversation

Contact us to talk about your needs (and pain points), and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.

eLearning tools

There are many different tools that can be used to bring your training content to life. These may be determined by your budget, who is the audience and/or the subject matter. Create connection, immersion and engagement through activity and visual elements. Such as:

Also consider accessibility elements such as:

  • Making your course keyboard accessible, which means people who cannot use a mouse can access your training
  • Providing alternative text where appropriate, so important information is provided via screen readers
  • Text and objects ordering for screen reader or hot key usage for visually impaired learners
  • Making audio and videos accessible to all (i.e. transcripts and captions)
  • Web accessible colour schemes and ensuring that the training still makes sense in grey scale (see WCAG guidelines for more information)

Did you know?

WUZZOO can host your online training on our cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) OR we can build a LMS on your own website

Blended learning for your business

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Converting your expertise to eLearning

Recommended reading: this WUZZOO blog explores the process of developing online training products. This blog includes access to a free short course which digs deeper into this subject.

WUZZOO online training and LMS solutions

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