Blended Learning for your Business

Blended Learning for your Business

Blended learning means to use more than one method of delivering training and support. This concept has been around for decades as training institutions have used it to deliver correspondence courses.

Technology now makes blended learning far more accessible and interesting.

We no longer need to be a training institution to have effective and professional training resources for our employees or customers.

Businesses can incorporate e-Learning, webinars and face-face engagement to develop a culture of learning, support and compliance. By using a variety of methods, you can ensure all of your learners have access to training that suits their learning style, capacities and accessibility.  

Interactive activities are a very powerful way to engage learners and if done well, will lead to more enjoyment of the learning process and better knowledge retention.

There is an ever-growing range of products that can be used to create training solutions . . . it can be very daunting.

Before you start, it is important to understand what outcomes you want to achieve. Some products are easier to use than others, but they can also be very restrictive and less effective.

BEFORE you delve into the rabbit-hole of which product to use, I recommend you have a look at this blog Converting your expertise into eLearning content.

WUZZOO can help with the entire process, from development and creation of eLearning content to creating the Learning Management System to manage the product for you.

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