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Create dynamic training experiences for your employees, students and customers with a purpose-built Learning Management System (LMS). Create, share and manage your training programs on your own site, with the support of experienced WUZZOO LMS Software developers

What is a LMS?

A LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online educational courses or training programs.

Hosting your online training products on your own website enables you to:

LMS functions

Design a learning management platform that suits your needs with any of these elements:

Training and learner engagement

LMS management



Consultation → Solution designProductionDeployment

The first step is a conversation

Contact us to talk about your needs (and pain points), and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.


We tailor every LMS development to the needs of our customers, so prices vary from project to project. 

Our consultation phase of the project ensures we understand and meet your needs, which includes budgetary considerations. We do not commence development activities until we have agreed on the scope of work and an estimate has been agreed to. 

The following scenarios demonstrate production costs for two clients, which will give you an idea of our pricing structure. 

CONTACT US to talk with one of our consultants about how we can build the learning management system that you need.

Note: the following scenarios do not include the development of online training products.

LMS purchasing option

Cost scenario 1 – Michael

Michael is a business coach, who wants a fairly basic LMS on his website, so he can facilitate blended training courses for his clients. 

Michael’s LMS does not need LRS software because his online courses only include videos and quizzes (he is not using interactive training products). He wants to use the LMS to allocate training to his clients, automate access to certain courses and to be able to see when clients have completed activities. 

Our estimate would include:

  • LMS development and deployment on Michael’s website
  • LMS license (one year)
  • 4 hours of training and support from our development team

Estimate: $995AU +taxes

LMS costing scenario

Cost scenario 2 – Sarah

Sarah is the HR Manager for a business with over 50 staff. 

She needs a LMS to facilitate online training for onboarding and role specific skills development. She needs to be able to allocate certain courses and digital forms to specific people. 

Sarah wants the training to be highly interactive and for compliance reasons, she needs to be able to test employee’s knowledge at the end of the training. 

Sarah also wants the LMS to include a survey function, so she can regularly seek feedback from team members. 

This system will require a LRS to manage these functions. 

Sarah would like department managers to be able to access easy-to-use reporting functions to manage their team’s learning and development. She has asked for all department managers to be trained on how to use the system. 

Our estimate would include:

  • LMS and LRS development and deployment on the company’s website
  • Relevant licenses (one year)
  • 8 hours of training and support from our development team

Estimate: $3,015AU +taxes


Do you want to outsource the LMS administration and/or technical support? 

WUZZOO offer ongoing LMS administration and technical support to our customers. 

Support can be provided on a as-needs basis, or talk to us about assigning a LMS Administrator to your business. 

Learning Management System functions

There are many reasons why you might want to add a Learning Management System to your website. Read our blog to explore the functions you might consider when setting up your own LMS.

Do I need a Learning Record Store (LRS)

This blog explores what is a LRS and when they are needed/not needed on your LMS. It is definitely worth a read when you are planning your LMS.

Did you know?

WUZZOO can host your online training on our cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) AND we can create online training products for you. 

WUZZOO online training and LMS solutions

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