What is a LMS

August 3, 2018
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What is a LMS?

When deciding to get their training online, people have usually thought about the training they want to provide their employees, contractors, clients or students. However, many haven’t thought about how they are going to manage the training and how their learners are going to access the training material.

A LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online educational courses or training programs.

A LMS is ideal if you need to keep accurate training records of your students or employees training activities.

Did you know?

In Australia it is a legal requirement for businesses to provide certain HR Policies and Procedures and Workplace Health and Safety training to all employees. By implementing an online training program, which is managed by a LMS, businesses can easily distribute and monitor their employee training and keep the records required for legal reasons.

We also work with consultants and coaches who use our LMS solutions to automate their client programs

Consultants use the LMS to create and manage activities which are spoon fed to clients. Program activities include interactive training activities, digital forms, journalling, coaching calls, videos and podcasts. 

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A LMS can be set up on your own website or you can use an external LMS provider. External providers are often cloud based. There are costs involved with utilising external LMS providers, however they alleviate the need for employing your own specialised team. 


It is vital that you do your homework first

Not all learning management systems have the same capacities and functions. We often see people get locked into a service that doesn’t meet their needs.

A good LMS solutions provider will simplify the process of building a tailored application to host your learning content and fulfil your reporting requirements. If the LMS is a ‘one size fits all’ offering, be sure that it will suit your needs before you commit. 

Selecting a LMS can be a complex decision and you should consider the following before proceeding;

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At WUZZOO, we regularly use the Learndash platform when setting up client’s learning management systems because it is versatile and easy for our clients to maintain. It allows us to create dynamic online work spaces which can respond to most organisation’s needs, without blowing the budget or creating too many limitations. 

We Can

We can create interactive and engaging eLearning products for your employees, clients, contractors and students.

We Can

We can host your online training courses on our fully managed and versatile Learning Management System. 

We Can

We can create Learning Management Software on your own WordPress website; designed to suit your needs.

WUZZOO online training and LMS solutions

Talk to us about hosting your online training on our fully managed LMS or ask us how we can build a tailored system for your own website.