WUZZOO for Social Media content

WUZZOO for Social Media content Lately we have been busy creating and posting social media content for businesses . . . and we love it! We have found that businesses often have a treasure trove of information and material on their website, however their potential customers aren't seeing it because of lack of promotion. One [...]

Valentines Day quiz

Valentine's Day fun How much do you know about Valentines Day? Test your knowledge with this WUZZOO interactive quiz. Share with your friends to see who gets the highest score, with out cheating. My husband got 40%, which might explain the lack of flowers this morning. WUZZOO creates interactive and fun content for your website, [...]

Blended Learning for your Business

Blended Learning for your Business Blended learning means to use more than one method of delivering training and support. This concept has been around for decades as training institutions have used it to deliver correspondence courses. Technology now makes blended learning far more accessible and interesting. We no longer need to be a training institution [...]

Converting Expertise to eLearning

Converting your expertise into eLearning content Converting your knowledge and expertise in to eLearning content and getting it published, can be a daunting exercise. There is a LOT to think about and the planning stage is vitally important. You definitely don't want to make fundamental mistakes because eLearning content creation is very time consuming. If [...]

Halloween quiz

Halloween fun The WUZZOO team have got into the Halloween spirit (pun intended!) and created a little Halloween flavoured quiz. Please feel free to play and share with your friends. See who can get the highest score with out Googling. WUZZOO creates interactive and fun content for your website, social media and training products. We [...]

What is a LMS (Learning Management System)

What is a LMS? A LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online educational courses or training programs. A LMS is ideal if you need to keep accurate training records of your students or employees training activities. For example, in many […]