WUZZOO online training

WUZZOO is interactive and fun content for your website, social media and training products.

We specialise in creating eLearning products.

Share your knowledge

Convert your knowledge and expertise into online interactive activities for your customers, employees and clients

Be a person of influence

Make money by selling your eLearning courses online

Over a billion dollars a year is made from online learning

Sell your expertise
Start your own online training business

Create your own Online Training Business, including a LMS (Learning Management System)

An LMS will enable you to manage your student’s training, including accredited training requirements

Provide information to your customers in a way they understand. 

Use tutorials, imagery and explainer videos to improve knowledge retention 

Tell your story
Create compliance and consistency

Provide training to your employees which is consistent and always available

Manage your employee training for compliance and consistency. No need to wait for a trainer to be available or have to manage employee training records.

People will remember you and your products when they experience fun, interactive and gamified interactions

Use interactive activities to bring people to your website and increase your SEO

Be fun

Create great content that can be accessed from all devices

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Wuzzoo devices
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