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Online training hosting

WUZZOO’s cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) comes with a lot of versatility and support. No software or technical knowledge required. No need to increase your server capacity. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. 

What is a LMS?

A LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online educational courses or training programs.

The WUZZOO learning management platform offers a range of features, which we use to create tailored online training programs for businesses:

Our LMS is great for . . .

Employee onboarding

Provide vital and consistent information when ever and where ever it is needed. Start your new team member's journey off right - professional and compliant.

Skills training

Train your employees, contractors, clients or students to develop their skills and then test their knowledge and ability with online testing functions.

Professional development

Provide training and resources for your employees to self-manage their career pathways and develop professional skills.

Personal development

Sell your personal development program and resources or build one to develop your work team, creating great work environments.

The first step is a conversation

Contact us to talk about your needs (and pain points), and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.


A flexible system needs flexible purchasing options. Depending on your online training hosting needs, you can select a subscription model or pay-as-you-go (pay per license as need)


Our subscription pricing is based on the number of learners who currently have access to your training library (i.e. the number of employees you have) – not the number of training units or courses. This means you can build dynamic training libraries that will truly benefit your business and your learners. 

Subscription accounts include:

Subscription Pricing

Up to 50 active users

per month

Up to 100 active users

per month

Up to 250 active users

per month

Up to 500 active users

per month

More than 500 active users? Contact us for a quote.

Prices are tax excluded and in Australian dollars. 

Pay as you go (non-subscription purchasing option)

Paying subscriptions isn’t always the best option, especially for small organisations who might only occasionally need a new training license (such as a business who only onboards a couple of new team members a year). 

Our Pay-As-You-Go purchasing option means you can pay for individual (non-transferrable) licenses as you need them. 

Pay-As-You-Go accounts include:

Access License

per year
Case study LMS hosting


Meet Kelly. She is the HR Manager for a support care business which has government contracts, so compliance is a really important element to her job. Kelly created a training package for onboarding new workers and she also produced a suite of short videos for ongoing training and development for existing workers. 

The business Kelly works for is fairly small, but growing. She doesn’t have enough employees or capacity to manage her own LMS, so Kelly chose for her training to be hosted on the WUZZOO LMS. She also worked with the WUZZOO instructional designers to create an exam to confirm that the support workers understand their responsibilities and the policies & procedures of the company.

Many of the employees work remotely and work a variety of shifts across a 7 day roster, so having the training online makes coordinating the training much easier. As the training is managed by a LMS, she is able to check that workers have completed the training. 

Kelly can scale up her subscription as the business grows. She can also regularly update and add to the training library. 

Did you know?

WUZZOO can build a tailor made Learning Management System on your own websitAND we can create online training products for you. 

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