Converting Expertise to eLearning with WUZZOO

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Converting your expertise to eLearning

Converting your knowledge and expertise to eLearning content and making it available for your audience, can be a daunting exercise.

There is a LOT to think about and if you’ve never created online training materials before, you probably have a few questions.

eLearning is time consuming to produce and mistakes can be costly, so we have made a short lesson on the process that we use when helping our clients create their own online training products . . . or when we make our own training products. 


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This lesson explores the following process:

  • Developing your concept
  • Validation
  • Collaboration
  • Writing your content
  • Design of content delivery (instructional design)
  • Building the course/lesson
  • Publishing and hosting the course/lesson


If any stage of the project is being outsourced, you need to have a clear vision of of what the final product will look like, so you can communicate effectively with the people you are working with.

The learning curve of building your first course is huge, however the outcomes that can be achieved makes it well worth the effort and WUZZOO is available to help throughout the whole process. 

Imagine how much time and money you can save if you had online training resources for:

  • Your employees
  • Your clients
  • Your students
  • Your contractors
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WUZZOO online training and LMS solutions

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