Employee Induction Training

Improve your organisation’s compliance, safety and efficiency by providing your employees with an online employee training program, which is easy to setup and manage. 

WHY invest in an employee induction training program?

Without a well designed and delivered onboarding program, it is unlikely that businesses can guarantee that their employee inductions are consistently executed. We don’t always have the resources and manpower to ensure that every new employee gets a professional, compliant and informative welcome to the company.

As well as not making a great first impression for the new team member, when we get it wrong, we can also be breaking the law, especially with regards to work health and safety; if we can’t prove that the injured employee was adequately trained on that particular activity, we may be liable.

When staff are trained, they work safer and they can be more confident in their roles – which can reduce accidents, costly mistakes and staff turn over. 


The first step is to have a conversation with one of the WUZZOO team about what you need and we will then work with you to come up with a tailored program that suits your business. The plan will encompass both the training materials and where/how you will be hosting the training course – this is usually done via a LMS (Learning Management System).

We can convert your existing training materials to an online training program OR we can tailor the WUZZOO employee induction training package to suit your needs. 


The WUZZOO employee induction training package is ready-to-use onboarding training, which includes both WHS and HR Policies & Procedures subjects. This training is tailored to reflect your business’ needs and rebranded for your company.

To customise, you simply identify what content you want removed or tailored, and provide additional content to be added.

This makes creating a new onboarding program easy and economical.

 To trial the WUZZOO employee induction training click on the product trial below.


In the planning stage, we will provide you with an estimate or quote for production. We will also help you plan where you will be hosting and managing your online training.

Using graphic design and instructional design best practices, we will develop interactive eLearning products that will engage and inform your employees. 

Your employee onboarding program may include:

  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge testing
  • Downloadable resources
  • Training declaration forms (ideal for compliance)
  • Digital forms to automate your onboarding, such as collection of HR information and essential documents (such as ID and relevant licenses)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Company information to promote your organisations culture (ie company vision, history and values)
  • Work Health and Safety training and requirements
  • HR Polices and Procedures
  • Videos and other content produced by the client

Click here to see more information about our eLearning production.

Once production is completed, you have the opportunity to review the training package and request additional changes.

Once the training course is signed off as complete, we will publish your training to the required formats (SCORM, CMI5, XAPI). These files will work on most Learning Management Systems (we assess your needs in the Planning and Design stage). We provide technical support to the LMS administrator if required.

If you are using the WUZZOO managed LMS, we will set up your training account and provide instruction on how to use the system. All you will need to do is start assigning training and monitoring completions. 

Not all online training is ‘set and forget’, especially employee onboarding training. Updates may be required when there are organisational changes or government/industry regulatory amendments.

We retain the latest version of your eLearning products for at least 2 years, so we can update your training ease.

We are regularly adding content to the WUZZOO employee induction training package, so we will inform you when there is more material available. 

If you are using the WUZZOO LMS to host and manage your online training, we provide a high level of technical support to both the account administrator/s and your learners. 


See our style and experience an extract of the WUZZOO employee induction training (no sign up required)

The first step is a conversation

Contact us to talk about your needs (and pain points), and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.

Did you know?

WUZZOO can host your online training on our cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) OR we can build a LMS on your own website

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