5 ways to use the online training self-enrolment function

Online training self enrolment

5 ways to use the online training self-enrolment function

One cool feature of the WUZZOO LMS (Learning Management System) is the self-enrolment function (this is an optional feature).

Typically, people can only access your online training library if they are enrolled by the account administrator, however this feature means you can provide people with a code, which they can use to enrol themselves in your course.

As they are still an enrolled user, you can still track what training they have completed and/or tests they have passed.

FIVE examples of how to use this feature . . .

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Employee benefits

You are offering non-mandatory self-development and professional development courses to your employees. Instead of assigning the optional training materials with the mandatory courses, you can promote the training via email or an internal webpage and team members can self-enrol into the courses if they choose. This will make it easy to see who is working on developing themselves in a self-directed way and it makes it easy for employees to manage their own online training.

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You are recruiting for a new team member, and you create an interactive, informative recruitment process which is hosted on the WUZZOO LMS. Your job ads include a URL to the application portal and an access code. Candidates self-enrol and complete a digital application form (including uploading essential documents, such as their resume, a photo of their driver’s license and other necessary tickets). The applicants watch a video that promotes the business and gives insightful information about the role, and they also complete a knowledge test.

Providing information about the organisation’s culture and more in-depth vacancy detail will mean you are attracting the right people for the job and candidates will perform better in the recruitment process.

The LMS is set up with automations, so the recruiter receives an email each time an application is submitted and the applicants receive an email letting them know their application has been received.

The recruiter has dashboard access to the applications that have been submitted and can easily manage the recruitment process.

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Working with other businesses

You sell online courses to businesses, who want their employees to complete your training. Instead of them providing you with a list of employees to enrol, they can use the course code to enrol their own staff.

Note; in this scenario, you will still have administration access and can enrol other users, as well as track training completions.

This function has proven to be a boon for our clients, whose previous experience was that businesses often provide lists of erroneous data (such as incorrect email addresses). By enabling people to self-enrol in courses, there are less technical issues to manage. The WUZZOO LMS is fully managed, so our customer support extends to third-party users (your clients).

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Promoting your online training

You have an online course that you are promoting (either free or paid). Simply use the course URL and access code on your promotional material and people can self-enrol in the course. Use automations to make the process easy to manage and provide a high level of customer engagement.

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Employee career development

You have created career development training courses for each area of your business, so employees have the opportunity to choose their own career path and work towards their career goals. Employees can self-enrol in the course that is relevant to them and managers can track (and support) their progress. I personally love this idea!

There are many ways the self-enrolment function could be used to help you manage or promote your online training content. Contact us to create a dynamic solution for your online training.

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