Using 360-degree images to immerse your learners

June 11, 2022

Using 360-degree images to immerse your learners

Online training should be immersive and engaging for the learner. One interactive feature we are loving is the use of 360° images (panoramic) to immerse our learners into their online training.

Our instructional design team can incorporate this functionality when we develop professional training products for our customer’s learners (employees, contractors, students and customers), which will encourage them to visually explore spaces and concepts.


Here is a very simple example where we have created an interactive, visual ‘to-do’ list for cleaners.

This is a simple example, but it demonstrates how the business can provide familiarity and specific information to new cleaners during the on-boarding process.

Far more information and interactions could have been added to give the new employees a full understanding of their role, including videos at each marker which demonstrates the cleaning technique.

We could then use knowledge-checks to ensure the new employees have understood the information provided.

Online training ensures all of your employees receive a consistent message and establishes professional standards.

There is a range of uses for 360-degree image activities including encouraging problem solving, identification of image elements (great for safety training), workplace familiarisations, skills training and scenario-based learning.

Importantly to engagement and memory retention, this type of interactivity can create an opportunity for ‘fun’ learning.

Where to get 360-degree images

We have access to a range of stock images which can be used to create scenarios and generic interactions, or we can use images of your actual worksite or location.

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