Level up your onboarding

Level up your employee onboarding

by using online forms and training materials, to give your new employees a professional and well-informed start in their new jobs. 

Save time by automating

your onboarding and employee training processes.

Level up your staff training and processes

by using WUZZOO software to manage digital forms and training programs. 

WUZZOO are partnering with HR Dynamics to help businesses of all sizes get their employee resources online, making compliance and processes easy, making a great first impression for new hires.

WUZZOO are offering discounted rates to businesses who work with HR Dynamics and we have developed an online knowledge test that works in conjunction with the HR Dynamics produced Employee Handbooks.

Knowledge Tests

Do you use a HR Dynamics developed Employee Handbook?

Confirm your new employees have retained important information from the handbook, by including an online knowledge test and declaration form to your onboarding processes. 

Knowledge tests are fully customisable, including test questions and branding.

Knowledge Tests are hosted on the WUZZOO LMS (Learning Management System), which makes allocating and managing employee training very easy. Our platform is fully managed (which means we do all the technical work for you) and we provide a high level of support to account administrators and learners.

For HR Dynamics customers, we are offering production of the Knowledge Test (up to 10 quiz questions) for $350. 

If you wish to add more quizzes to your exam, we charge $75 per hour (usually $90) for production.

Onboarding exam

Do you want to trial a knowledge test?

Hosting your Online Training

LMS hosting can either be on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis (ideal for smaller organisations who only occasionally recruit a new staff member) OR by our subscription payment option.

For more information on how this works CLICK HERE – remember we are offering DISCOUNTS for HR Dynamic clients – see below

You can add other online training to your learning library for no additional hosting costs (we charge per user, not per training package). 

Special offers for HR Dynamics customers
Discount on subscriptions
Pay as you go

Online Training Development

Take advantage of the WUZZOO LMS by adding digital forms and online training materials that will benefit your employees. 

Create your own content or talk to WUZZOO about developing interactive training courses that will level up your employees knowledge and experience. 

We are offering HR Dynamics clients mates rates on production: $75 per hour (usually $90)

Online Training Development


Induction Training

All prices quoted are GST excluded and AU$.  These prices are valid until 30/1/2024.

WUZZOO online training and LMS solutions

Please feel free to reach out to ask questions and to discuss your needs. We are here to help.