WUZZOO for Social Media content

WUZZOO for Social Media content

Lately we have been busy creating and posting social media content for businesses . . . and we love it!

We have found that businesses often have a treasure trove of information and material on their website, however their potential customers aren’t seeing it because of lack of promotion. One organisation we are working with has given us the task of creating one unique post every day for their SM platforms and two months in, we still haven’t run out of content to promote. What a waste of blogging and website development!

Social media takes time

Content is time consuming to create, so why put in the effort?

  • More than 3 billion people around the world use social media every month, so there’s an audience there waiting for you.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your business’ website, which will improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) organically. The quality of the visits will increase because the site visitors are there for specific reasons and are less likely to ‘bounce’ out of your site, which has a negative impact on your SEO.
  • Social Media is a great tool for building awareness of your products, services or causes. Your online audience is diverse and content hungry.
  • Bloggers and article writers can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise, showcasing their influence and authority in their field.
  • Build you brand
  • It is a relatively affordable advertising tool.
  • Build a community, share, create, explore . . . AND GET MORE CUSTOMERS!
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Which Social Media Network do I choose?

There are quite a few platforms to choose from and you don’t need to pick just one . . . choose the platforms that suits your business and customers.

  • Facebook – we often hear that people are moving away from this platform, however the number of users increased last year by 9%. There are now 2.32 billion FB users.
  • Pinterest – around a one third of internet users access Pinterest, however it more popular with females.
  • Twitter – around 326 million active users per month, 80% of which is done via a mobile phone
  • LinkedIn – ideal for business to business content. There are about 590 million LinkedIn users.
  • Instagram – There are 1 billion monthly users of Instagram. Popular with younger and visual audiences.
  • Snapchat – 173 million daily users; most of which are under 24 years of age.
  • YouTube – There are around 1.9 billion active YouTube users each month; over 30 million access it daily. 62% are male. Only 9% of small businesses are on YouTube. Millennials prefer YouTube than TV (2:1). 
Who is using FaceBook
Who is using LinkedIn
Who is using Instagram
Who is using Twitter

How often should you post on Social Medial?

Regular social media posts are important, as is the quality of the content you post. 

You want to keep your audience engaged, but you don’t want to become a nuisance so they switch off. 


  • Facebook – 1 post per day is the optimum number of posts; no more than 2
  • Twitter – 15 tweets per day
  • Pinterest – 11 pins per day. There is no benefit to doing more than 30 per day
  • Instagram – 1 or 2 posts per day; no more than 3
  • LinkedIn – Post at least twice per week, but no more than 1 per day
  • YouTube – whenever you have good content. Thursday and Friday afternoons are the best time to post on this platform.


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How can we help?

My philosophy is that it costs nothing to ask, so if you need help with any aspect of your Social Media marketing, let me know. 

We can help with creating blogs, infographs, videos, visual post and interactive activities. We can also schedule your posts so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Contact me at design@wuzzoo.com so we can schedule a chat.